Topcoats & Lubricants

Corrosion Protection Enhancement

To meet the high demands of national, international and customer specific standards, Gilligan's use only the best products available on the market.

JS500 Sealer Overview

JS 500 process is sold on a license basis to ensure proper application and performance.

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HydroKlad SI Sealant

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Top Coats & Lubricants Overview

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Top coat highlights 

Our Top Coats range include, MacDermid's JS500, HydroKlad SI and Torque 'N' Tension, offering the most efficient methods to improve performance of any metallic coating, and have become essential ingredients for the next generation of hexavalent-free finishes, capable of ensuring no premature cosmetic corrosion. They offer abrasion resistance, lubrication, UV identifiers, heat resistance, coating deformation protection, color coding, fluid resistance and thread patch adhesion promoters. Ideal for ensuring dissimilar metals remain insulated and isolated.