Additional Services

XRF Coating Measurement Services

We can offer:

Compliance Testing & Product Approval

Gilligan's can offer Compliance testing for determination of hazardous substances to ensure product meets specification and environmental comittments such as RoHS, WEEE and ELV directives.

Metal Alloy Composition and Identification

Our XRF testing facility offers rapid non-destructive analysis of any metal alloy composition and material identification.

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Salt Spray Testing Services

Salt spray testing simulates the effects on your product from salt and sea mist. Tests are designed to evaluate corrosion properties and resistance to corrosion of your product.

We test to all automotive and customer specifications.

We conduct visual inspections on 24 hour intervals and provide fully comprehensive reports with photographic evidence.

Product Approval

Our tests provide confidence and quality assurance that the product coating complies with the specification requirements.

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Steel having a tensile strength higher than 1000 N/mm must receive treatment of hydrogen de-embrittlement in order to prevent the parts from breaking.

The treatment of hydrogen de-embrittlement is implemented by heating the coated parts in a de-embrittlement oven in accordance with the customer’s specified requirements.


Hydrogen De-embrittlement Process Control

The Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller offers multiple archive strategies that ensure critical process batch data can always be found and restored. Additionally, with its remote viewing capability, Gilligan’s can instantly browse, capture and send historical data and screen shots via e-mail.

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 Industrial Tray Washing


Our new state of the art T200 industrial washing machine cleans containers removing dirt, swarf, contaminants and oils that build up during the manufacturing and distribution of components helping businesses to comply with:

Cleanliness Code ISO 4406