Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc Nickel Barrel Processes

Heavyweight Trivalent Passivation

(ZinKlad 1000 Approved)

Appearance  Matt Silver/Grey

Enviralloy Ni 12-15 

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Trivalent Black

(ZinKlad 1000B Approved)

Appearance  Matt Black

Zinc Nickel Alloy Technical Advantages

Enviralloy Ni 12-15 is an electroplating process designed to deposit a zinc- nickel alloy containing 12-15% nickel, 85-88% zinc, on to steel substrates.

The passivated deposit is highly resistance to corrosion, providing over 1000 hrs of Neutral Salt Spray resistance from a 10 micron deposit.

It is suitable for both hexavalent and trivalent passivation treatments in clear, iridescent, yellow and black colours.

Zinc-nickel is particularly effective at preventing corrosion in applications where repeated thermal shock or thermal cycling are important, as the coating is not significantly affected by prolonged or repeated heating at temperatures up to 200C (390F).



Zinc Nickel Rack Processes

Heavyweight Trivalent Passivation

Appearance  Bright Silver/Grey



Enviralloy NiSpeed Overview

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Hexavalent Passivation

Appearance  Bright Iridescent Colour